Carla Sliver headshot.

Adjunct ProfessorThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(919) 302-3439

Office hours: By appointment only

  • B.S., Chemistry and Biology
  • MEng with a concentration in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Certified Safety Professional

Research interests: Safety by Design, Collaborative Robotics, Safety Management and Risk Acceptance, Performance Level Safe Controls, Engineering Ethics

In her 34 years at Merck, Carla Silver has gained valuable experience and expertise in pharmaceutical operations and management and has held positions to include, Chemist, Quality Auditor, Packaging, Manufacturing and Sterile Fill Operations Supervisor and Safety Specialist.

Within Environmental Health and Safety organization at Merck, Wilson, Carla has been responsible for all aspects of safety compliance and management. Her leadership in developing a total team safety culture gained her and the site the prestigious Merck Global Safety Award.

Her true passion for safety can be seen in prevention through design. Within Merck, she has lead the division in developing an equipment and machinery safeguarding management system. As a committee member of the ANSI PMMI 155.1 Safety Requirements for Packaging and Processing Machinery standard, she has been a global driving force to build in safeguards through risk assessment and design. As a graduate of Master of Engineering with a concentration in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management, Carla brings to the classroom her technical expertise and industry experience to help provide insightful solutions to the graduate student.