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Certificate Programs

The Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering offers five Category A Certificates. Undergraduate students who complete a certificate program will have greater depth in a specific technical area. Practicing engineers can acquire expertise and proficiency beyond a Bachelor's degree, and have it formally recognized without completing a program leading to a Master’s degree.


  • Certificate in Construction Engineering Management
  • Certificate in Sustainable Engineering Management
  • Certificate in Structural Engineering
  • Certificate in Environmental Engineering
  • Certificate in Transportation Engineering
  • Certificate in Geotechnical Engineering


  • Students must be admitted to the Department as either undergraduate or graduate students in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. Students who are not currently enrolled in the civil engineering program may be admitted as a non-degree seeking student to earn a certificate.
  • Certificates require a minimum of 15 semester hours consisting of one required undergraduate course (which will also count toward the B.S. in Civil Engineering at UAB) and four graduate level elective courses in the area of specialization.
  • Graduate-level elective courses may be applied to the certificate as well as the M.S. in Civil Engineering.
    • One course, up to 3 semester hours, may be transferred from another institution. This may be the required course or one of the graduate level courses.
    • Only one course listed with an asterisk (*) may be applied to a certificate. As an example, for the transportation certificate, students may apply either CE 649 Engineering Liability or CE 658 Engineering Management.
    • Courses taken from UA and UAH by IITS may be applied to certificates.
    • Elective course may be taken at the 500, 600, or 700 level.


For more information contact Fouad Fouad, Ph.D., through by calling (205) 934-8430.