Registration Steps

Step 1 — Do I need to register my event?

Check all boxes that apply to your event.

Invalid Input

  • Registration is not required for UAB-sponsored lectures or presentations or small group meeting space, but must follow site specific procedures.
  • Registration is not required for staff meetings in non-public or non-shareable spaces.
  • Registration is required if the event uses shared space that requires a reservation.
  • Your event meets the criteria for event registration approval. Please continue to register your event.

Not sure? We understand that some events may fall into a gray area. If you've read through all of the options and you still aren't sure if your event is required to register, feel free to give us a call at (205) 934-5493, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Step 2 — Have you contacted the facility/venue about booking your event?

Learn more about booking your event with facility/venue.

Step 3 — Complete Registration Form

The information in this form is required so as to prevent disruption of normal UAB educational, research, and service activities, to help coordinate competing requests for the same venue, and to avoid endangering the health or safety of persons and damage to property. The appropriate VPFAA representative will notify all other units that need to be involved, such as Parking and Transportation and the UAB Police Department (UABPD).

With the exception of spontaneous express activity, approval must be requested, in writing, at least thirty (30) days prior to use for facility building and seven (7) days prior to use for an outdoor area or facility. The person requesting use of UAB facilities must be present throughout the proposed event and must be able to produce proper personal identification and a copy of the approved reservation form upon request. Use may not be continued beyond the approved end time or outside of the approved facility.

No individual or organization other than the applicant reflected on the approved location reservation form may use the reserved facility. The applicant may not transfer control of the event for which the facilities were reserved to any other organization, group, or individual.

Register Your Event

Step 4 — Review the following UAB Policy and Procedures

Read the Use of UAB Facilities and Freedom of Expression Policy.

Step 5 — Other Required Forms

  1. Event Approval Form: This form is required whenever UAB will be expending funds on or for the event. (Note: An Event Approval Form is not required if the event is an official UAB event oriented towards students/trainees, endowment-funded lectureships, or ticketed event.)
  2. Event Co-Hosting Agreement (pdf): If you are partnering with an external business or organization to co-host the event, you may be required to complete this form for review via the university contracts review process.

Please see Event Resources for additional information on these forms and to access UAB’s policies regarding event scheduling and UAB facilities.

Step 6 — Event Approval or Denial

The Office of The Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration reviews requests in accordance with UAB priorities as defined in the Event Scheduling Priorities for UAB Facilities policy.