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At UAB, we have a number of online systems that require that you have a username and a password.  We call your username your BlazerID.  Beginning August 3, 2020, UAB will automatically assign BlazerIDs to incoming employees in a effort to  streamline onboarding and expedite access to campus systems. New users will also be able to create an email alias when they activate their BlazerID.

While UAB is proactively banning known offensive terms from the system, those who are assigned an automatically generated BlazerID will have an opportunity to request a change if their BlazerID contains a term that is offensive to them.

New faculty will receive an email from BlazerID Central to activate your BlazerID and create an email alias.  This email will be sent to the email that you used during the application process.

For additional information, please visit BlazerID Central or, contact your department administrator.