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GBSO Marketing Officer, Jhodi Webster, sat down for an exlusive interview with 2023-2024 GBSO President, Shannon Lynch, who was excited to give GBS students an inside look into her life as the head of GBS student outreach activites. 

Where are you from?
I would say I'm from Alabama. I grew up moving around alot because my dad was in the Army. Then, I spent most of life in Alabama, since 8th grade. 
What university did you attend to earn your undergraduate degree? What did you study, and when did you graduate?
I graduated from UAB in 2019. Prior to this, I went to Enterprise State Community College Associates Degree. 
What inspired you to choose UAB for graduate school?
Doing undergrad research experience pushed me to stay here. I loved the collaborative research environent. Working together as a team with colleagues at a huge R1 institution was a plus. 
What year are you? Whose lab did you join?
I am a fourth year student in the lab of Dr Anna Sorace in the Department of Radiology
What is your project focused on?
My project is focused on characterizing downstream effects of HDAC inhibitors and immuno therapy on cancer and immune cells in breast cancers. 
Why did you join GBSO?
I joined during my 3rd year in GBS. Initially, I wanted to join GBSO because it seemed like it would be a good way to connect with my peers and get to know other students.
I started grad school in 2020 so it was difficult to do that otherwise, in terms of meeting and connecting with others. Then, I remained as a memeber after all this time because
it was a good opportunity for me to improve my skills in addition to serving UAB and the greater Birmingham area. 
What is your overall career goal?
For right now, I still want to stay in breast cancer research and plan to improve therapies and provide training and mentorship for future scientists. 
What hobbies do you pursue in your free time?
In my free time, I read and like to cook. I also love trying out new breweries and beers and travelling. 
What is one fun fact about you?
I really hope to provide a sense of inclusion and really provide resources to GBS students.