The annual GBS Symposium will be held on Friday, August 13th from 9am to 5:00pm. This meeting will be conducted virtually this fall to comply with COVID-19 related guidelines and ensure the health and safety of all participants.

New students will still have the opportunity to connect with rotation labs through a pre-recorded video poster session as well as interactive networking breakout sessions during the event. Clarifications on navigating this format will be issued during the welcome at the time of the symposium. 

The event will commence with a general session, including a brief welcome and the keynote address by Dr. Amy Weinmann. Attendees with then select themed sessions to attend student talks and networking breakout sessions. Attendees are invited to join any room they wish, regardless of theme, as well as switch rooms at their discretion. After these theme session have completed, the symposium will conlcude with a final general session, including two more networking opportunities, award presentation and closing remarks.

GBSO can't wait to see all of you during this year's GBS Symposium!

*To navigate between live sessions during the Symposium, please access our Session Navigation page in the menu panel to the left*