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In 2012, Graduate Biomedical Student Outreach (GBSO) was incentivized by GBS to enhance the overall experience of graduate students at UAB. GBSO is comprised of two representatives from each of the eight GBS themes. The committee serves to meet the needs of students in the UAB GBS themes, associated programs, and departments by initiating programs and events that encourage interaction between students, faculty, and the greater scientific community. It is the mission of GBSO to bridge the disciplinary and temporal divides between Ph.D. trainees, staff, and faculty, in order to enrich the academic environment, stimulate prosperous collaboration, and foster a climate that is inclusive of all students in biomedical research. 

20231016 165452 2 Pictured: 2023-2024 GBSO Committee

2021 2022

Pictured: 2021-2022 GBSO Committee

GBSO Group photo 2018 CHOPPED

Pictured: 2018-2019 GBSO Committee


2017 2018 Committee Picture

 Pictured: 2017-2018 GBSO Committee


GBSO Committee 2016 2017

 Pictured: 2016-2017 GBSO Committee


2015 2015 Committee

Pictured: 2015-2016 GBSO Committee


2014 2015 members

 Pictured: 2014-2015 GBSO Committee


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 Pictured: 2012-2013 GBSO Committee and Keynote Speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Murchison, at

the 1st Bi-Annual GBS/JHS Graduate Student Research Symposium

(Old Car Heaven, Birmingham, AL).