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Initiate a faculty-led programWe’re excited that you’re interested in running a faculty-led program! Our Education Abroad Director works with faculty across the university to develop programs and provide administrative and logistical support. To ensure study abroad accessibility for all UAB students, our goal is to have every school and major represented in our faculty-led program offerings.

Ready to Apply

Ready to Apply

  1. Reference the Faculty Handbook 
  2. Consider applying to be an Education Abroad Faculty Fellow
  3. Fill out the Faculty-Led Interest Form and contact the Education Abroad Director
  4. Receive a base proposal from the Education Abroad Director to formulate your official proposal
After Proposal

After Proposal

  1. Submit a complete proposal packet. All packets are due by June 1st of the prior Academic Year. (i.e. June 2022 programs are due June 1, 2021)

Programs in Restricted Regions

Certain areas are subject to the UAB High-Risk Destination procedure. If you are considering a program proposal with travel to a region with a Level 3 or higher US State Department Travel Alert or CDC Health Alert, please review this procedure prior to submitting your proposal.

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