Congratulations on your appointment as a clinical faculty member here at UAB. IFSIS is here to help you and your department navigate the H-1B work authorization process on your behalf. Although some clinical faculty members are appointed solely with HSF and will therefore need only one H-1B petition, most clinical faculty members are "dually appointed" with both UAB and HSF, and therefore IFSIS will file two separate H-1B petitions on their behalf. These are known as "concurrent" H-1B petitions.

H-1B work authorization is available for up to six years in three-year maximum increments. Ideally, by the end of your third year with us, you will be placed on the path to permanent residence via the EB-2 PERM or EB-1B process, depending on whether you have a tenure-track faculty appointment with UAB.

The following information is designed to make the initial and extension H-1B processes as smooth as possible for you. Please read and follow the instructions carefully both here and in our database, LawLogix Edge. IFSIS contacts department administrators to begin the H-1B process first and will follow up with you later as needed.

Information and Documentation Needed for Initial H-1B Petitions

You will receive an invitation to Edge for the institution's first H-1B petition on your behalf as soon as feasible after IFSIS is notified of your hire. When you log into the Edge database, you can enter your basic biographic information and will find an extensive document checklist covering your medical education and training, prior immigration history, CV, and three most recent pay slips from your current employer (if you are currently employed in the US). Please read the checklist carefully and upload copies of all relevant documents so that IFSIS does not need to contact you to ask for documentation that is requested in the Edge database. All documents should be uploaded in a legible pdf format.

Information and Documentation Needed for H-1B Extensions

IFSIS contacts department administrators to begin the H-1B extension process six months prior to the expiration date. We will follow up with you later as needed when workflow reaches the stage where we need information and documents from you. You will receive a second invitation to Edge and will need to provide any address and immigration status updates (such as whether you have begun a non-employer-sponsored permanent residence process with an outside attorney) and must upload your most recent CV, most recent I-94 card from international travel, and three most recent pay statements. 

Premium Processing

All H-1B petitions (initial and extensions) are filed using the USCIS premium processing option to obtain approval within 15 calendar days. If you are dually-appointed (concurrently employed), the primary petition will be filed with premium processing and the concurrent petition generally will be filed via standard processing unless premium processing is also needed for this petition for business reasons. Your department will pay all filing and premium processing fees on your behalf. You must pay the USCIS filing fee for any dependents (spouse and children) who will need to obtain or extend their H-4 status. You can learn more about the dependent H-4 application process here.

Applying for Driver License and Social Security Number

You must update USCIS with your new residential address within 10 days of any move. You can do so by filing Form AR-11 online. Please notify your department administrator via UAB Oracle Self-Service.

The Alabama Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) allows a 60-day grace period for driving on out-of-state or expired licenses in Alabama. You can take your Form I-797 Notice of Approval or Notice of Receipt to the DMV at any time 30 days before or 60 days after your license expires in order to renew it.

To apply for a Social Security number, please take your offer letter from UAB/HSF, your Form I-94, Form SS-5, and your passport to the Birmingham Social Security Administration building at 1200 Rev. Abraham Woods Jr. Blvd., Birmingham, AL 35285.