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Title IX and Interpersonal Violence

The University is committed to supporting students affected by Title IX incidents, including sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault/violence, interpersonal violence (including domestic violence and dating violence), sexual misconduct, and stalking. UAB’s Title IX Office has compiled a quick resource for students to utilize if an incident occurs, and we have compiled multiple resources to help students get the assistance they need.

If you would like to directly report a Title IX incident, call the Title IX Office directly at (205) 996-1340 or email a Title IX Coordinator.

Please do not be afraid to reach out.

International Resources

Even if you are abroad, there are resources both in-country and over the internet that are available to you—including your on-site director. For example, the following are organizations with internet-based resources that can provide assistance internationally:

International SOS can also connect you with local resources if you would like to speak with someone face-to-face.

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