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UAB’s Crisis Response Team has been carefully assembled to respond to an international emergency or crisis. The response team is chaired by the Director of Education Abroad and the Director of Sponsored International Programs. The team is responsible for monitoring worldwide situations and assisting UAB travelers in times of crisis. In rare situations, the team is responsible for recommending the suspension, cancellation, and/or evacuation of a program.

The Crisis Response Team is primarily focused on worldwide events that jeopardize the health, safety, or security of UAB members in a foreign country and require immediate involvement by the university. If an incident is an isolated occurrence (e.g. student hospitalization), the Director of Education Abroad will typically respond without involving the Crisis Response Team.

Crisis Response Team

  • UAB Office of Education Abroad
  • UAB Office of Vice Provost Student & Faculty Success
  • UAB Office of the President
  • UAB Office of Vice President of Financial Affairs & Administration
  • University Relations
  • UAB Media Relations
  • UAB University Compliance
  • UAB Office of Counsel
  • UAB Office of VP for Research
  • UAB International Student and Scholar Services
  • Office Of Vice Provost Enrollment Management
  • UA System
  • UAB Police
  • UAB Occupational Health and Safety

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