Effective May 16, 2023, UAB employees will have the option to add and update their emergency contacts in Oracle HR & Finance using the UAB Self-Service application. An employee’s emergency contact information will be kept confidential and will only be used in the event of an emergency.

Oracle HR & Finance is accessed through myApps in the MyUAB portal with a Blazer ID and strong password. For detailed instructions on how to create and update emergency contact information, see the Creating Emergency Contacts in Oracle Self-Service PDF.

By providing emergency contact information, you authorize UAB HR/UAB Management to contact your emergency contacts should you have an emergency while working at UAB. The following are some examples of situations when we may need to reach out to an employee’s emergency contact:

  • When the employee gets sick and we must call 911.
  • When the employee is sent to the hospital.
  • If a friend, roommate, or someone other than the employee’s emergency contact calls to inform us that the employee has been hospitalized.
  • When the employee has been injured at work and needs assistance returning home.
  • When the employee has not shown up to work for multiple days or shifts and we have been unable to contact them.

In some of the above situations, we will be able to ask the employee if they would like us to call their emergency contact. If this is a possibility, we will always communicate with the employee first to make sure we contact the right person.

Please note, more than one person may be designated as an emergency contact but only one can be identified as the primary contact.

— Posted May 11, 2023