My Health Rewards Program

All UAB, UAB Hospital, UAB LLC, UA Health Services Foundation, UAB Health System and Cooper Green benefit-eligible employees enrolled in a UAB medical plan can earn up to $350 for healthy behaviors throughout the year. This outcomes-based initiative rewards participants for completing age/gender specific screenings, participating in care-management programs, logging their physical activity and making healthy decisions. Log in to the My Health Rewards portal to see a full list of point-eligible activities and key behaviors.

If you are a benefit-eligible employee but not currently enrolled in a UAB medical plan, you can opt in to view the My Health Rewards portal to see a list of upcoming Employee Wellness events, explore discounts on health and wellness products, and view past Wellscreens results.

What's new in 2024

The 2024 program launches on February 13. Any screenings or activities completed between January 1 and the program start date will be processed as usual and still count towards your 2024 points total. Participants will also be able to retroactively log physical activity occurring before February 13.

Due to device connectivity challenges, step tracking will no longer be available in 2024, however, the program has added new point-earning opportunities for participants. Starting February 13, the “Get Active” section of the My Health Rewards portal will allow participants to earn up to 100 points per week for logging exercise and other physical activity, doubling the previous limit of 50 points per week.

How do I get involved?

  • Activate your account at (eligible employees must re-activate their account each year).
  • On a 2024 medical plan? Log in to earn points and complete activities/key behaviors.
  • Not on a 2024 medical plan? View discounts on healthy items and see what’s happening with UAB Employee Wellness.

Health & Wellness Discounts

My Health Rewards participants can purchase discounted fitness trackers, including FitBit and Garmin devices, and other discounted health and wellness products like juicers, steamers, smart scales, fitness equipment and more.

Visit the My Health Rewards portal to get the access code and start shopping!


Your health data is held in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the laws governing personal health information. Your biometric health screening results will be kept confidential. It will never be shared with Human Resources, your provider, or your supervisor. UAB will receive aggregate data that summarizes UAB as an anonymous whole, not with individual results.