UAB Integrative Center for Aging Research (ICAR)

New Horizons is a community group of men and women of retirement age that organizes lectures and other activities centered around topics of general interest.

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What is new horizons?

  • New Horizons is a group of over a hundred retired and semi-retired professionals, business people and academics who enrich their lives by expanding their knowledge, participating in cultural events and enjoying new experiences.  
  • New Horizons meets on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Each morning session is highlighted by a speaker chosen to address a topic on a wide variety of subjects including literature, history, medicine, science, local cultural events,  and global politics. Beverages and a  variety of snacks are provided and parking is also included.   
  • Most importantly, New Horizons offers a variety of social opportunities for you to meet interesting people and make new friends. Members are invited to participate in parties and lunches, cultural events, nature visits, and bus trips where they meet and socialize with people who share their curiosity and interests.

For more information visit the New Horizons website (not affiliated with UAB) — www.newhorizonsuab.org