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Sometimes you can’t be in two places at once, especially when there are multiple meetings all in the same hour. What do you when you have to miss one?  

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature in Outlook, Meeting Recaps, that allows you to quickly access content from meetings. All you have to do is visit your calendar in Outlook and click on the meeting invitation. From there users can see Teams meeting recordings, attendees and even meeting notes if they are available.  

 There are some meetings that may not appear in the recap.  

  • Meeting recordings started through auto-record in Teams will not appear in the recap 
  • Meetings started in a Teams channel 
  • Ad-hoc meetings 

This new feature will start rolling out in late February 2023 and should be finished in May. None of the content is stored in Outlook; Microsoft simply shares a link to where the items live online in OneDrive and SharePoint. The file owners are the only ones who can change user access to the content.  

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