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UAB's request process for academic technology is intended to help you find the best resources for your needs and maintain security.

While the process has existed for a while, UAB IT and the Division of eLearning and Professional Development have worked to better illustrate and explain the process.

To follow the process, faculty and staff should follow four steps:

  • Work ahead. If you know you will need a new tool for your course, request it at least the semester before.
  • Know the type of data you plan to store in or touch with the tool. Sensitive and Restricted/PHI data require stronger security. Keep in mind that most student data is not public data.
  • Review the available academic technology options to find what aligns with your needs.
  • Request a tool review if you cannot find what you need.

UAB IT and the Division of eLearning and Professional Studies work as a team in reviewing academic technologies, evaluating a tool for duplication, security, student cost, integration and implementation.

Getting a request in ahead of time is key. For example, any add-in to Canvas must be reviewed and tested.