Scammers are lurking behind screens, just waiting to get your information. Here are some tips to keep you safe during the upcoming tax season.

Scammers will call or email you about money owed to the IRS.

  • Scammers may use the victim's native language to coerce them into payment.
  • May threaten to arrest or deport a person if they refuse payment.
  • Will ask you to send payment on a prepaid debit card or cashier's check

Be wary of links, do not click on them:

  • You can hover over the links before clicking anything to see if the links are legit.
  • You can type the URL in and check to make sure that the links are legit.

Never share personal information over the phone or internet.

Common security mistakes that can lead to scammer hacks:

  • Poor passwords
  • Sharing too much information
  • Piggybacking on multiple devices

The IRS will never contact you over email or phone. If any money is owed, they will send a letter to you.