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Duo is UAB’s method for two-factor authentication aids with single sign-on services for major applications such as Office 365, Adobe, myUAB.com, BlazerNET and more.

The best way to use 2FA is to use push notifications for easier sign-on, which means you need to use the Duo app for iOS and Android devices. To clear up any misconceptions, we wanted to dispel myths about the Duo app.

Myth No. 1: Duo takes up too much of my phone storage.

The Duo app actually takes very little space on devices, with only 18 MB of storage. That’s probably smaller than the collection of accidental photos your toddler took or the pics of last week’s PowerPoint lecture. Besides, one push notification being sent 500 times a month only uses 1 MB of data in total. That’s almost the same as loading a webpage on your phone. In the grand scheme, it’s worth the space.

Myth No. 2: Duo can only be used for UAB-related things.

In fact, Duo can be used for more than just your UAB accounts. Yes, it is required for SSO login at UAB, but it can also keep your personal accounts secure. Two-factor authorization is becoming the industry standard to keep your online accounts secure. Duo is a trusted third-party authentication application that can keep your other personal accounts safe like social media, bank, gaming, and more.

Myth No. 3: Duo sends too many push notifications.

If you play your cards right, you should only get a notification once a month or when using a new browser or device. When you sign in using the app, selecting “Remember Me for 30 Days” keeps the push notifications down to a minimum. The only time you would receive one is by logging in on a different browser, or if the 30 days are up. Notifications that you didn’t request should always be denied and reported for suspicious activity.

Myth No. 4: Duo is stealing your data.

The Duo mobile app cannot access data on your device such as contacts, text messages or photos. The few things that the app needs permission for is:

  • Push notifications for 2FA
  • Camera access to scan QR Codes
  • Google Drive to back up any Android accounts
  • Usage analytics to better understand how customers use the app
  • Crash reporting to help monitor the app and fix any bugs

Duo does not sell your data and only uses the information collected to improve the security of the service provided.

Myth No. 5: I can’t use the Duo app if I’m not on WiFi or cell service.

No WiFi? No cell signal? No problem. Use the passcode option on the app and you can easily and securely log in to your account, even if you don’t have access to WiFi or cellular service.