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UAB IT teamed with Physical Security to develop a new form for ONE Card approval processes. 

“We developed the form within our eForms suite to allow for standard WAM and customized workflows to gain approval for forms submitted by users,” said Ramya Tummala, director of applications and consulting services for IT.  

The new forms reduce the need to examine the form, determine who needed to provide approval, and then have to wait on seeing who would be approved and denied. The paper trail is absorbed by the new system, meaning there are no more faxing papers and waiting for confirmation.  

Along with updated forms, the team introduced a new way to create OneCard. UAB IT added a graphic representation of how a new ONE Card would look, which allows the users to proofread names and titles before submission. Before users had to proofread at the carding station immediately before the ID was printed. This new feature saves time and trips to the station where errors were present.   

“We’ve had several users tell us how much they love it, and how easy it is to use. It has really improved the speed at which keys are being created, too,” said Brad Moran, ONE Card technical manager.  

The new process of requesting keys and other physical security requirements has been streamlined significantly since implementing the new forms. Process times from request to delivery have been reduced by two weeks or more with the newest advances, Tummala said.