Keep your chats interesting with hundreds of new emojis in Teams.

Microsoft is adding hundreds of new reaction emojis in Teams later this month. These will be available in all Teams platforms. This will include an updated reactions UI with categories.

“Sometimes it’s easier to send a smiley face, or a thumbs up, instead of typing. Reactions and emojis cut down time where we can focus on our tasks more,” said Steven Johnson, systems analyst architect for UAB, whose team oversees Microsoft apps.

Did you know that reactions and emojis can be customized by the users? Before sending an emoji, check to see if there is a grey dot next to the figure. If there is, right click it and from there users can customize the skin and hair tones.

Microsoft 365 allows Blazers to message collaborate, and store information in the cloud. This service is available for free to the UAB community. Visit UAB IT’s website and click the TechSolutions tab to learn more.