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Be on the lookout for a pair of phishing scams hitting UAB inboxes. One claims to offer students and employees an opportunity to work at home, while another claims that a request to terminate your Office 365 account has been initiated.

The phishing emails include links that ask you to provide your credentials and contact information — which scammers then use to login to your account and even attempt to log in via the “call me” option for Duo two-factor authentication.

If an email seems suspicious, verify the sender by hovering over the email address or considering whether the sender is someone who would be making a job offer or asking you about your email account. Be suspicious of unsolicited forms.

UAB IT is taking steps to block and delete these URLs and emails when they are reported. If you receive a suspicious email, report it with one click using the PhishNotify button in Outlook, or forward it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..