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When you think of Adobe, you think of Photoshop.

Photoshop is used for advanced photo editing and refinements. Like its counterpart Lightroom, Photoshop can be used to lighten and adjust colors. However, this software contains layers, where users can add elements to photos to make them pop. From coloring, adding fonts, or even merging two images together photoshop takes photos from woah to wow.

Here are some quick tips to navigate photoshop:

  • There are keyboard shortcuts to everything! Some of the most used are “Command Z” to Undo, “V” to select the move tool, or “Command D” to deselect a highlighted part of the screen. Check out the Adobe approved list
  • Create a new layer on top of your original layer before editing. This makes sure nothing bad can happen to the original image, just make sure you are editing on the correct level.
  • Layers will be your friend, when making them be sure to name them so you can easily select what you need!
  • Ready to save your creation? Select File > Save to save as a .PSD, in case you need to go back and edit. If you need a .PNG or .JPG, select File > Export and select the file type you need from the dropdown save window.

UAB students get the Adobe Creative Cloud for free, just visit UAB IT’s website for more information.