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Are you a student who is social media savvy, interested in marketing, likes collaborating with others and also happens to love Adobe products? This might just be your lucky day. Adobe is ushering in the next generation of creative minds with the Adobe Student Ambassador program.

Adobe Creative Cloud is offered free to all students at UAB, and UAB is also designated an Adobe Creative Campus.

Students joining the program will be tasked with helping spread awareness and use of free Adobe products across campus. Ambassadors will help students log in to their Adobe accounts for the first time, discover new tools, and help students use products such as Adobe Express. Joining this group means students will represent Adobe in person and virtually by posting on social media, hosting events on campus, and more.

As an ambassador, you earn points for every task you take on. After you earn so many points you can cash them in for Adobe swag, gift cards to assorted companies, and even new gaming consoles. Members will also learn skills and become pros at Adobe tools to help fuel your creative fire.

Another reason to join is for the professional development and networking possibilities. Students can connect with faculty members and ambassadors on their respective campuses but will be able to collaborate nationwide.

To become an ambassador, students need to be in good academic standing with the university. This means having a minimum GPA of 2.0 for undergrad students, and a 3.0 for graduate levels. Students must be enthusiastic about Adobe products and have experience with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Applications for the Adobe Student Ambassador Program are now open. You can find the application online.