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Alzheimer's Disease Center

Driven to overcome Alzheimer's disease and related disorders

Our mission is to overcome Alzheimer's disease and related disorders by conducting, fostering, and enabling research at UAB and through national collaborations, by providing the highest level of care to patients and families, and to educate about aging, dementia, and brain health.

Our research is aimed at reducing disparities in Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a pressing challenge for our nation and disparately affects diverse populations. We contribute to the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by accelerating Alzheimer’s research at UAB, across the Deep South, and nationally, by training a new generation of diverse researchers [...]


We are training the next generation of clinicians and researchers

We are committed to educating those who are engaged in investigating Alzheimer’s disease and dementia research at the basic science, translational, or clinical level through mentored training, learning opportunities, and exposure to contemporary research methods.


Our clinical team provides world-class expertise and state-of-the-art care

Providing care for neurological disorders for more than 26,000 patients annually. Patients have access to a comprehensive range of modern diagnostic services, including neuroimaging, electro diagnostic studies, neuropsychological evaluations, and neurogenetics studies.

Patient Care

Latest News and Updates

  • Research evaluates how retina could yield early Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis