2017 graduation

The department held its 2017 resident and fellow graduation on Friday, June 2, at B&A Warehouse. We had a record turnout (nearly 200 guests) and a terrific time!

Our Resident Graduates:

Brooke Apel Bell, M.D.

Cara Marie Bevinetto, M.D.

Christopher Michael Blakely, M.D., C.M.Q.

Matthew Glenn Broyles, M.D.

Michael David Chestnut, M.D.

Grace Powell Flowers, M.D.

Haley Mimms Fuller, M.D.

William James Graugnard, M.D.

Jonathan George Kentros, M.D.

Brent David Kidd, M.D.

Catherine Lauren Mallory, D.O.

Candace Lanier McKee, M.D.

Merrick McHosernbert Meese, M.D.

Garrett David Scott, M.D.

David Patrick Shelley, M.D.

Jason Patrick Skelley, M.D., C.M.Q.

Casey Clark Smith, M.D.

Timothy Andrew Torres, M.D.

Michelle Diann Tubinis, M.D.

Amanda Lynne Walden, M.D.

William King Wood, M.D., C.M.Q.

Our Fellow Graduates: 

Matthew Stephen Hull, M.D.

Jacob Alexander Lessing, M.D.

Nathaniel Lee Smith, M.D.

Michael Patrick Curriston, M.D.

John Eliot Huidekoper, M.D.

Sarah Lindsay McCormick, M.D.

Weifeng Song, M.D., Ph.D.

Jordan Scott Garman, D.O.

Christopher Alan Paul, M.D.

Channing Carl Twyner, M.D.

Caylen Nevins Schlitz, M.D.

Jyoti Pankaj Dangle, M.D.

Katherine Elizabeth Turk, M.D.

In addition, the department gave out several awards:
Bert Pierce, M.D. was recognized as 2016-17 Teacher of the Year.
Joshua Woolard, M.D., received the 12th annual J. Antonio Aldrete, M.D., M.S., Award for Excellence in Pain Medicine.
Tim Torres, M.D., received the 18th annual Ray J. Delfalque, M.D., Award for Outstanding Performance in Regional Anesthesia.
Eric Clary, M.D., and Mike Gibson, M.D., received the Robert Goodloe McGahey, M.D., Awards for Excellence in Medical Student Teaching.
William Wood, M.D., C.M.Q., received the Outstanding Graduate Award.
Haley Fuller, M.D., received the fourth annual Outstanding Pediatric Anesthesiology Award.
Jason Skelley, M.D., C.M.Q., received the third annual Boudreaux Quality and Patient Safety Award.

Resident research awards included:
Matt Broyles, M.D.; Chris Blakely, M.D., C.M.Q.; and Brooke Bell, M.D.

LEAD Program recognition awards included:
Micheal Chestnut, M.D., and Merrick Meese, M.D. for the Master of Science in Health Care Administration Award.
Chris Blakely, M.D., C.M.Q.; Jason Skelley, M.D., C.M.Q.; and William Wood, M.D., C.M.Q. for the Medical Quality and Patient Safety (C.M.Q.) Certificate Award.
Tim Torres, M.D., and William Wood, M.D., C.M.Q., for the Certification by the National Board of Echocardiography (TEE) award.