Grad photoCongratulations to our CA-3’s that graduated in June. The department gathered on June 10th to celebrate at B & A Warehouse. On June 30th, the class of 2022 completed their last day. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication over the past several years and we cannot wait to see what all you accomplish!



Jordan Bauer, M.D.
Jason Boyle, M.D.
Jake Byers, M.D.
Camille Davis, M.D.
Taylor Foster, M.D.
Tim Herberg, M.D.
Jared Hudson, M.D.
Damien Knudson, M.D.
Ted Kuntz, M.D.
Ben Leahy, M.D.
Michael Lehman, M.D.
Ben McGlothlin, M.D.
Andrew Moss, M.D.
Bhavika Patel, M.D.
Braden Schuster, M.D.
Ethan Sheinbaum, M.D.
Sanjin Tankovic, M.D.
John Taylor, M.D.
Donnie Thomas, M.D.
Corey Traylor, M.D.


Ethan Sheinbaum, M.D.
Excellence in Obstetric Anesthesia Award, Outstanding Performance in Regional Anesthesia Award

Paige Schroder
Excellence in Pain Medicine Award

Camille Davis
Excellence in Pediatric Anesthesia Award

Ben Leahy
Outstanding Quality and Patient Safety Award, Outstanding Graduate Award

Alana Venter
Excellence in Medical Student Teaching Award