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Momentum is a Birmingham-based, statewide nonprofit organization that focuses on empowering women through flagship leadership development programs, conferences, events, mentorship, and community. Last fall, the UAB Heersink School of Medicine partnered with Momentum to kick off the executive leadership pilot program, Momentum in Medicine at UAB.

This year, the UAB anesthesia care team is represented by Brooke Vining, CRNA. We sat down with Brooke to talk about her experience in the program and what it means to be a woman in medicine.

What does it mean to you to be a part of Momentum in Medicine at UAB?

I feel so fortunate not only to be able to participate in Momentum, but also participate in Momentum in Medicine at UAB because the selection process is vetted at many levels by extraordinary UAB leaders and Momentum alumni, making this an even more coveted experience. For me, being selected to participate feels like as much of a win as being able to complete the program.

How do you stay motivated to continue personal and professional growth?

I constantly challenge myself to choose my why, asking myself questions like: “Why am I still leading?” “Why does this matter to me?” “Why do I need to remain committed to the cause?” “Why will this matter 5 or 10 years from now?” This keeps me focused and intentional in my efforts, both professionally and personally.

Momentum trains extraordinary women leaders. Who has been an extraordinary woman leader in your life?

Vice President of Clinical Operations Brenda Carlisle has been an extraordinary woman leader in my life. She has modeled how to handle a tremendous workload without sacrificing attention to detail.

How do you hope to be empowered by Momentum?

I hope to understand and embrace my value as a leader. I hope to be able to move beyond any barriers, real or perceived, that prevent me from transitioning to other roles and embracing challenging new opportunities.

What is one piece of advice you would give women who want to become leaders in their field?

You can have it all. It is possible to have tremendous levels of work-life balance that allow for full, rich professional experiences as well as being present with your family. It requires being creative with your approach to your professional and personal obligations, constantly reassessing your priorities, and giving yourself lots and lots of grace – but is absolutely doable.