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Center for Free Radical Biology

Redox biology is a broad and multidisciplinary area of science that encompasses physiologic, pathophysiologic and therapeutic arenas.

The mission of the UAB Center for Free Radical Biology (CFRB) is to create an outstanding research and training environment for elucidating mechanisms and biology of free radicals and redox signaling, and translating these to improve human health and disease.

What We Do

We foster collaborative and multidisciplinary research in all areas related to redox biology spanning physiology, pathophysiology and therapeutics

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Education, Training and Environment

The CFRB provides consulting and core expertise and resources for various redox-based assays, and provides research and education training via pilot grant support to trainees and faculty, teaching in the graduate curriculum and by sponsoring seminars and annual symposia.

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The UAB Center for Free Radical Biology (CFRB) was established in 1996 at a time when ‘free radical biology’ was emerging as a major research area with the potential to influence our understanding of the pathology of disease processes.

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