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CTAC Committee 

The Clinical Trials Administrative Office is guided by the Clinical Trials Administration Committee (CTAC), which has been tasked by President Watts to promote continuous improvement toward excellence in the administration of clinical trials by establishing requirements and monitoring processes to enhance effectiveness and financial sustainability throughout the University. 

The following individuals are CTAC members:

Robert Kimberly, MD (Chair)
Brian Bates, CPA, CHC, MAc
Michael Bertram, PhD, MBA
Alex Boles, MBA
Liz Busby, RN, OCN, CCRP
Melinda Cotten, CRA
Jennifer Croker, PhD
Mark Dransfield, MD
Raheel Farough, MSHA 
Meredith Fitz-Gerald, RN, MSN 
Gregg Gilbert, DDS
Geoff Gordon, MSEE
Frannie Horn, JD
Cindy Joiner, RN, PhD
Jereme Logan, JD
Mark Marchant, MPH, MBA, CCRP 
Adam McClintock, MBA, CIP
Jonathan Miller, MPPA, CIP
Robert Motl, PhD
L. Burt Nabors, MD
Jason Nichols, OD, PhD
Carolyn Pickering, RN, PhD
David Redden, PhD 
Dana Rizk, MD
David Schwebel, PhD
Molly Wasko, PhD