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Mission Statement: 

To train Mohs Surgeons who:

  1. Continually practice to the current standard of care through constant education and training.
  2. Act as the patient’s fiduciary and advocate.
  3. Contribute to MSDO and their communities through activities such as participation in state and national medical organizations, involvement in health-related community programs, and discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.
  4. Increase the diversity of MSDO in terms of ethnicity, gender, origin culture and  community, size/location of the population their practice serves, and other holistic/distance-traveled related characteristics.
  5. Work well in teams and has administrative and leadership potential.


UAB MSDO is committed to providing compassionate, ethical, patient-centered care in a collegial environment. Curiosity, innovation, and collaboration drive our ongoing research efforts. We take pride in caring for underserved communities and are committed to maintaining  diverse and inclusive work and learning environments.