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  • UAB researchers part of GRADE study investigating glucose medications in Type 2 diabetes
    UAB researchers say the presented data indicates that a younger age and higher HbA1c at baseline predict early treatment failure and point to the need for more aggressive initial treatment in these patients.
  • Heart Health 101: UAB expert offers top tips for heart-healthy diet
    A healthy lifestyle is about small changes over time that build upon each other.
  • Fran Lund, Ph.D., named an AAI Distinguished Fellow
    Lund is the fifth Distinguished Fellow from UAB named since 2019, a sign of the strength of immunology research at UAB.
  • Type 1 diabetes: B cell-derived natural antibodies suppress autoimmune pathogenesis
    Vaccination of neonatal mice with group A Streptococcus promotes clonal expansion of B cells that produce antibody against GlcNAc. The association of reduced Type 1 diabetes risk after group A Streptococcus infection is dependent on these GlcNAc-specific B cells.
  • Tackle football season with five diabetes-friendly tailgating tips
    UAB diabetes expert serves up tailgating hacks to make football season fun and diabetes-friendly.
  • In Type 1 diabetes, verapamil prevents decline of IGF-1 and promotes beta-cell IGF-1 signaling
    These results add an additional, mechanistic aspect to further explain how the decades-old blood pressure medication verapamil can preserve beta cell function in Type 1 diabetes patients by affecting the hormone insulin-like growth factor 1.
  • Three UAB studies look at obesity in-utero and how it affects offspring as part of four-center study
    Three teams of researchers from UAB are analyzing the intergenerational transmission of obesity.
  • What are continuous glucose monitors, and how can they help you?
    Continuous glucose monitors can transform one’s diabetes treatment and care. A UAB diabetes expert explains what patients should know about the devices when evaluating their diabetes care plans.
  • Type 1 diabetes: first clinical trial of GABA/GAD in newly diagnosed, very young children
    The clinical trial focused on very young children, who have a more rapid loss of the pancreatic beta cells than do adolescents. The trial was constrained to a low-dose level, but showed safety and tolerability and reduced serum glucagon, a secondary outcome.
  • Five diabetes self-care and self-love tips for February
    Many with diabetes might get overwhelmed or experience burnout. Follow these five self-care diabetes tips from the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center to show yourself some love this February.
  • High blood pressure and diabetes as stroke risk factors decrease in older populations
    Using data from the REGARDS cohort, UAB researchers found the impact of certain stroke risk factors vary with age.
  • Type 1 diabetes: Maintaining the enzyme ACE2 in the gut prevents diabetic blindness
    Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in American adults. The source of this damage may lie in the belly — mainly a leaky small intestine. A novel treatment can possibly prevent or reverse this damage.
  • Safely ring in the New Year with simple tips for diabetics
    Watching the portion and carb content of food and drinks can help prevent blood sugar spikes this New Year’s Eve.
  • Coaching, food delivery and more: A new diabetes management study will soon enroll patients
    This study will enroll patients to evaluate which combination of three proposed interventions — including health coaching, food delivery and remote patient monitoring — will help patients manage diabetes and also be sustainable for health systems to implement.
  • UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center receives legacy gift
    Donnie Bush, who has Type 1 diabetes, and his wife DeDee have endowed a legacy gift to the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center to promote cutting-edge diabetes research.