Grayson DOM AwardFrom left: Tiffany Grimes, Emma Shepard, Truman Grayson, Dr. Anath Shalev

UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center (UCDC) Researcher V Truman Grayson was named the UAB Department of Medicine STAR Award winner for FY23 Q3. Truman has worked at the UCDC for over 12 years.

The DOM STAR Award is a quarterly award for staff excellence where staff members nominate their much-deserved fellow peers for outshining the rest. The DOM notes that it would not have accomplished what it has each quarter without its amazing staff.

Director of the UCDC Anath Shalev, M.D., was honored to nominate Truman for the award.

“Staff look to Truman as an example of cleanliness and organization in the lab,” Shalev wrote in her nomination letter. “He trains undergraduate and graduate students  and staff on the high level of excellence that is expected when working in a top research lab. Through his daily commitment to the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center and the Department of Medicine, Truman upholds the values of UAB.”

Director of Diabetes Research Administration for the UCDC Tiffany Grimes, R.N., BSN, also submitted a letter in support of Truman for the award.

“I have worked with Truman Grayson for over 5 years, and he has consistently displayed UAB values through his work.  He is dependable and trustworthy.  Most recently, Truman has gone above and beyond in supporting the recruitment of Drs. Ananda and Rita Basu,” said Grimes.

Grimes goes on to note Truman’s mechanical expertise and dedication to the UCDC.

“Truman has worked incredibly hard over the years to understand, operate, and fix equipment and exhibits excellence in lab organization and management, setting a great example for other labs around him and making him the perfect go-to person.”

Earlier this month, Truman was honored with a small surprise reception at the UCDC. He received a gift bag, certificate, and balloons, and UCDC researchers gathered to enjoy refreshments and congratulate Truman.

Truman Grayson and the Shalev Lab