UAB HSOM Mag Canopy of CareThe UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center (UCDC) was recently featured in the Heersink School of Medicine (HSOM) UAB Medicine Magazine fall issue, within the eight-page spread, “A Canopy of Care: UAB is leading the way in advancing diabetes research.”

The feature shared the stories of UAB employees with diabetes, highlighted the UCDC’s 15th anniversary, and noted several new research projects and programs, such as Verapamil and Forge AHEAD.

UCDC members highlighted in the feature include Amy Warriner, M.D., Anath Shalev, M.D., (director), Barbara Gower, Ph.D., Ambika Ashraf, M.D., (associate director), Maria Grant, M.D., Andrea Cherrington, M.D., Gareth Dutton, Ph.D., Orlando Gutierrez, M.D., Ananda Basu, M.D., and Rita Basu, M.D.


The magazine is not only available digitally, but it was also printed and distributed to 6,000 alumni and friends of the UAB HSOM.

Shalev is grateful to the HSOM team for highlighting the UCDC’s important strides in diabetes research.

“This wonderful feature is a prime example of the collaborative nature of the UCDC and how diabetes research encompasses many specialties,” said Shalev. “Our 200 members represent 10 different schools and many departments. The UCDC is proud to provide a platform for diabetes research collaboration across UAB and beyond.”

The feature was written by Emma Shepard, Jeff Hansen, Caroline Newman, and Jane Longshore.