Set up email (Outlook)

What is HSIS?

HSIS is the place that provides the email accounts.
(So... "HSIS password" and "email password" and "@uabmc password" all mean the same thing.)

In these instructions, I am using these terms in orange:
HSIS username myHSISusername HSIS is the place that provides the email accounts.
Your username = the part to the left of the “” in your email address
HSIS password myHSISpwd (aka your email password)
If you don’t know** what this is, call 934-8888 and ask them (HSIS) to reset it.

**If you think you might know it (or just to confirm that you do know it) try to get into “webmail” ( using that password.  If you are successful, then that is your myHSISpwd

You will need to have your myHSISusername and myHSISpwd in order to proceed with the below instructions.

How do I set up my email (that ends with here at Medical Towers

If needed, please email and we will set this up for you.

Here's how to do it yourself:

***Please note that this is NOT an intuitive thing to do.  But if you follow the steps exactly, you should be successful.***

On Windows 7 computer or ts3

On a Windows 7 Computer
(This works even if you use the ts3 Terminal Server.)

  1. Click [Start] or globe icon on bottom left corner
  2. Click [All Programs]
  3. Click [Microsoft Office]
  4. Click [Microsoft Outlook 2007] or [Microsoft Outlook 2010] (whichever your choice is)
  5. Click [Next] [Next]
  6. Type this for your email address =
  7. DON’T put anything in the two password fields
  8. Click [Next]
  9. Click [Yes] for Security Alert
  10. Click [Use another account]
  11. Type this:
    • Username = ad\myHSISusername
    • Password = myHSISpwd
    • Put a check mark by “Remember my password”
  12. Click [Finish].
  13. If you get a pop-up with 3 choices including “Use Recommended Settings” or “Don’t make changes”, select:
    • “Use Recommended Settings” if you are on your computer
    • “Don’t make changes” if you’re on the Terminal Server

Additional things to do to tidy it up and make it more user-friendly:

When “Security Alert” pops up, do these steps once and it will stop it in the future
  1. Click [View Certificate]
  2. Click [Install Certificate]
  3. Click [Next] [Next] [Finish] [Yes]
  4. It says “import was successful”
  5. Click [Ok] [Ok]
  6. It says “Security Alert”
  7. Click [Yes]
To set up your archive This is potentially very important in the future.

It makes sure that you are not archiving on your actual computer (which may not always be safe) and instead archives it on a network (which is always safe):
  1. Click [File]
  2. Click [Options]
  3. Click [Mail]
  4. Click [Auto archive settings]
  5. Make sure “Run Auto Archive” is NOT checked.

On Windows 8 computer or ts4

On a Windows 8 Computer
(This works even if you use the newest Terminal Server (ts4))

  1. Click the Down arrow in circle down arrowlike this image ->
    (You may have to jiggle your mouse to make this down arrow appear.)
  2. Click [Outlook 2013] -- which is under “Microsoft Office 2013”
  3. Click [Next]….[Next]
  4. The E-Mail Address =
  5. DON’T put anything in the two password fields
  6. Click [Next]
  7. A screen will pop up saying "Allow the website to configure."
  8. Put a check mark in the “Don’t ask again” spot and Click [Allow]
  9. Wait a few minutes as instructed
  10. Click [Next]
  11. A screen will pop up saying "Microsoft Outlook....Connecting to...."
  12. Click [Use another account]
  13.  Username = ad\myHSISusername
    *** Important:  Be sure to have the ad\ at the beginning
  14. Type myHSISpwd for the password
  15. Click [Finish]
  16. It says “Processing” – so wait
  17. Type myHSISpwd for the password
  18. You can mark the box to remember password/credentials
  19. Type myHSISpwd again if asked.  (This is normal.)
  20. A notice will appear.  At the bottom it says "Congratulations!  Your email was successfully configured"
  21. Click [Finish]
IMPORTANT: Make sure it is NOT auto-archiving by doing this:
File > Options > Advanced > Auto Archiving Settings
The box by “Run” should be empty and the rest should be grayed out.