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If specimen is from clinics within UAB or Kirklin Clinic, please call 934-5562 for pick-up. If specimens are being sent from some a location outside UAB, please ship via UPS or Federal Express to:

720 South 20th Street, Suite 330
Birmingham, Alabama 35294-0024


If test 1 (comprehensive RNA-based testing) is requested, the sample needs to be kept at ambient temperature and received in the lab within 60-72 hours after collection.

  1. DO NOT ship on ice.
  2. Be sure that the shipping air bill is marked “Priority”, either Domestic or International.
  3. Specimens must be packaged to prevent breakage and absorbent material must be included in the package to absorb liquids in the event that breakage occurs. Also, the package must be shipped in double watertight containers (e.g. a specimen pouch + the shipping companies Diagnostic Envelope). You can use our collection kits, which we will send to physicians directly upon request. Request a kit.
  4. Please contact us (Email – medgenomics@uabmc.edu, Phone – 205-934-5562) prior to sample shipment and provide us with the date of shipment and the tracking number of the package, so that we can better ensure receipt of the samples within the 60-72 hour window

*If you wish to ship a sample on Friday for Saturday delivery, you must call the lab by 2:00 CST on Friday to get special Saturday delivery instructions.