Please note:

In consideration of current global and community concerns associated with COVID-19, the UAB MGL has implemented a limited business model to ensure the saftey of our employees and to maintain our high standard of testing quality. As a result, we are observing a moratorium on receiving CAL spot and/or neurofibroma biopsies for RNA-based NF1 testing. Given the rapidly changing situation and the complexities of this testing approach, the moratorium has been implemented to ensure that this testing is performed under the best circumstances possible. Please contact the MGL if you are considering this test or would like to discuss a specific case.


The Medical Genomics Laboratory (MGL) is a CAP-certified nonprofit clinical laboratory at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, offering comprehensive testing for common and rare genetic disorders.  The MGL specializes in testing for all forms of the neurofibromatoses including NF1, Legius syndrome (SPRED1 disorder), segmental NF, NF-Noonan, spinal NF, Watson syndrome, NF2, and schwannomatosis as well as the RASopathies, and tuberous sclerosis complex. 


UAB Medical Genomics Laboratory
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