Dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for hematology and medical oncology patients

The Division of Hematology and Oncology is driving medical education, accelerating discovery, and delivering competent and compassionate patient care at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In every lab, clinic, and hospital room, our dedicated faculty and staff are creating a tremendous footprint within our diverse and thriving academic medical center.


We are committed to conducting world-class, cutting-edge biomedical research. This area of our mission covers the spectrum from fundamental basic science studies performed at the laboratory bench to translational research involving all phases of clinical trials to developing new therapies. The Division aims to shift current knowledge of blood and cancer-related diseases to develop new and innovative approaches that improve patient care and extend survival.


The Division is dedicated to training physicians in Hematology and Medical Oncology with an emphasis on clinical excellence and improving patient outcomes through high-quality, multi-disciplinary care. We are further dedicated to the pursuit of scholarly contributions from our fellows and graduates in clinical, basic and translational research.

Patient Care

We provide comprehensive, patient-specific assessments in the context of an academic environment with robust clinical research impacting every aspect of cancer care. Our specialized disease-focused teams design treatment plans at the cutting edge of scientific discovery in a personalized manner that honors the patient-doctor relationship and places high value on superior outcomes and an optimal quality of  life. Our faculty are dedicated to continued excellence and service to our patient community.