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  • New study shows association of historical housing discrimination and shortfalls in colon cancer treatment
    Mortgage lending discrimination in the 1930s is still geographically associated with inequities in colon cancer care today. Colon cancer often can be treated successfully if detected early.
  • Gene therapy: What to know about the new FDA-approved treatment for sickle cell disease
    Sickle cell disease is the most common and clinically significant inherited blood disorder across the nation, and now there is an FDA-approved gene therapy to help those living with SCD.
  • Breast cancer preventive measures for younger and older women
    One UAB experts says the roles of screenings, warning signs and a healthy lifestyle are all keys to cancer prevention.
  • Best practices for caregivers and support partners of breast cancer patients
    After a loved one receives a breast cancer diagnosis or surgery, it is important for caregivers and support partners to know how they can best help the patient during the difficult time.
  • UAB launches WISDOM study and seeks participants in breast cancer screening study
    The O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB is recruiting Alabama women who have never had breast cancer for the study, to test a personalized approach to breast cancer screening.
  • First-ever Blazer Bridge Fund grant recipients announced
    The Blazer Bridge Fund is intended to identify and assist in the development of promising ideas, discoveries, innovations and/or technologies from UAB faculty and staff that have commercial potential. 
  • UAB named Center of Excellence in mast cell diseases
    An overabundance of mast cells, which are important components of the immune system and are produced in the bone marrow, can lead to a variety of health issues.
  • Lung cancer advances spur new hope in fight against a deadly disease
    New screening guidelines and improvements in diagnostics and treatment have improved outcomes in lung cancer.
  • UAB helps college cheerleader tackle cancer
    When Cameron Monistere was diagnosed with cancer right before his senior year of college and final season as an Auburn University cheerleader, he acted fast. With the help of UAB experts, Monistere is now cancer-free and using his story to raise awareness about men’s health.
  • TBX20 enhances reprogramming of heart fibroblasts into heart muscle cells
    Direct reprogramming is a potential therapy for heart attack patients. In vitro, TBX20 improved contractility and mitochondrial function of reprogrammed heart muscle cells.