The Division of Hematology and Oncology, with active research programs in hematology, oncology and related disciplines, serves as the primary clinical program for the care of patients with hematologic or malignant diseases. Broad based, nationally recognized basic and clinical research activities involve both undergraduate and graduate medical education.

tkc1The Division is primarily responsible for the hematology and oncology units of the medical service in University Hospital, consultations for the entire Medical Center, and a bone marrow transplant unit. A fellowship program in both subspecialties, with the primary goal of training academic physicians, is offered by the Division.

Outpatients are seen primarily at The Kirklin Clinic and at the Acton Road satellite center. Both sites offer complete access to a range of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for the treatment of hematologic and oncologic malignancies. Our focus is the delivery of cutting-edge research combined with compassionate care. Each of the 20 physicians work in concert with specially educated nurses, who carry the designation of Oncology Certified Nurses (OCN). Our mission with the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is to provide access to proven therapies, clinical research opportunities, educational programs, and to further knowledge about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer.