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Many in our community who identify as LGBTQ+ face numerous health disparities associated with discrimination and societal stigma, resulting in higher rates of psychiatric disorders, substance abuse and suicide. Through acceptance of sexual and gender identity—both individually and collectively—much can be done to assuage these disparities.

UAB Hospital is recognized as an LGBTQ+-friendly hospital by the Human Rights Campaign’s Healthcare Equality Index. We were commended for providing a nondiscriminatory environment that is inclusive as well as equitable to LGBTQ+ patients and families. Learn more about the Healthcare Equality Index

Meeting LGBTQ+ Health Needs

UAB Sexual Health Clinic

As a part of UAB Student Health and Wellness, the UAB Sexual Health Clinic provides a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ students. The clinic is open two days per week, and it offers sexually transmitted infection testing, HIV testing and treatment, and HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and treatment. The trans-inclusive health professionals also provide hormone consultation, gender identity consultation, and mental health services.

UAB LGBTQ+ Mental Health and Wellness Clinic

The UAB Department of Psychiatry operates the LGBTQ+ Mental Health and Wellness Clinic which provides outpatient mental health services to both adults and gender non-conforming children. They also provide LGBTQ+ medical and mental health competency training for providers, medical students, clinical staff, as well as the greater Birmingham community.

Fostering LGBTQ+ Community

Alliance for LGBTQ Equality at UAB
The Alliance for LGBTQ+ Equaltiy at UAB is an employee-resource group for UAB, the UAB Health System (UABHS), the University of Alabama Health Services Foundation (UAHSF), and the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital. It exists to provide advocacy, support, and networking for faculty and staff members of UAB's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Allies (LGBTQA) community. Membership is open to all such employees and retirees.

Gay Straight Student Alliance at UAB logo
The Gay/Straight Student Alliance provides a welcoming social atmosphere for those seeking friendship and support through on and off-campus activities and events. Additionally, the GSSA aims to aid in the further education of UAB and surrounding communities concerning the realities of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals through campus activities and panel discussions.

Helpful LGBTQ+ Resources