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International visiting medical students who wish to take a non-credit clinical elective at any of the campuses of UAB must complete the online application.

Make sure you upload

  • Curriculum vitae/resume
  • Copy of your current transcript
  • Photo (only jpgs less than 250KB)
  • Copy of the biographical information page of your passport
  • Letter stating your purpose and reason of interest in the elective(s) you have chosen

Process & Deadline

Please review our catalog for available electives before submitting your application.

Only completed applications will be reviewed. All applications are reviewed by the committee to evaluate competitiveness. Only competitive applications will be scheduled for a virtual online interview via Zoom. All remaining applications will be notified of a decision of either being placed on the waitlist or complete denial. The decision by the committee is not reversable.

All communication is by direct email. Please be sure to include the correct email address

Payment of the non-refundable application fee does not guarantee acceptance in the program.


The application fee of $300* is non-refundable.

Cost per 4-week non-credit elective is $5,150*. This includes tuition, housing and transport to and from the airport (excludes travel to and from the U.S.). This cost is due upon acceptance into the International Visiting Medical Student program.

Payment can be made by a major credit card or wire transfer. 

*Cost of nonrefundable application fee and elective fee subject to change

Important Note for Applicants

Selections will be made on the basis of the outstanding quality and relevance of the prospective candidate and competitiveness of application. Due to the highly competitive application process, there is no guarantee that the rotation you have chosen for your elective(s) or the specific elective(s) will be available. Electives will only be guaranteed after UAB receives your elective course fee in full.

Please ensure that all application materials are uploaded into the online application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

If you have questions, please contact internationalMD@uab.edu