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Your participation in our program will:

  • Improve your history taking skills. You will collect important information from patients with common medical complaints and complete a history using medical record format for at least 5 patients.

  • Develop your physical examination skills. You will demonstrate the ability to perform a pertinent physical examination for the evaluation of common medical conditions while being observed by at least one attending or resident.

  • Improve your knowledge/diagnostic and treatment skills. After taking history and performing examination, you are encouraged to present differential diagnosis of the condition and to discuss your knowledge and rationale of making a specific diagnosis and describe treatment methods.

  • Help you develop a professional attitude. You will be guided in displaying a professional and responsible approach while working as a team member with other members of the clinical care team, patients and their families.

  • Include career coaching. You will be coached and advised about the current U.S. medical system.

Upon the successful completion of the training program you will receive:

  • Letter of completion

  • An education of the current U.S. medical system as it is conducted at UAB

  • An enhanced education experience, and diagnostic and treatment expertise

  • Improved proficiency in English

  • Career coaching and advisement