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Application Questions


  • Is acceptance guaranteed after payment of the non-refundable application fee?

    Payment of the non-refundable application fee does not guarantee acceptance. Due to the highly competitive application process, there is no guarantee that the rotation you have chosen for your elective(s) or the specific elective(s) will be available. Electives will only be guaranteed after UAB receives your elective course fee in full.

  • Can IVMS students attend UAB Heersink School of Medicine classes?

    No, you can only attend training/seminars for your elective. IVMS students are not allowed to attend classes for MS3 UAB Clerkship students.

  • When can I apply for IVMS electives?

    The application portal opens in April each year and applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis.

  • What documents are required to apply?
    • Curriculum vitae/resume
    • Copy of your current transcript
    • Statement of Approval from Dean of Students
    • Photo (only jpgs less than 250KB)
    • Copy of the biographical information page of your passport
    • Letter stating your purpose and reason of interest in the elective(s) you have chosen
    • Student Health Form Acknowledging that you must receive medical clearance prior to training (more details/instructions about how to upload documentation will be sent in pre-matriculation email sent 8 weeks prior to start date).
    • TOEFL score of 100 with a minimum of 22 on the speaking section. (TOEFL is waived only if English is your first language, or if your medical school teaches all classes and rotations in English. A document from your medical school administration must be uploaded stating English is the first language used. Good command of the English language will also be determined during Zoom interview.)
  • When do I select a certain elective or date of elective? You

    You will receive an email requesting your top four (4) elective preferences after you complete your application, paid the non-refundable application fee and you are next to be interviewed. Once we receive your elective preferences, we seek to match them, starting with your 1st preference, with an unfilled elective.

  • What is the format and what should be included in the personal statement?

    A one-page PDF or Word document explaining why you chose medicine, your area/s of interest and what you hope to gain from an elective at UAB.

  • Is Step 1 a requirement to apply?

    No, please refer to the eligibility requirements listed here.

  • Will you accept other English scores other than TOEFL?

    TOEFL is strongly preferred, but we will consider other scores if they are comparable to the minimum TOEFL requirements for the program - 100 with a minimum of 22 on the Speaking Section.

  • Is a home school evaluation form necessary?

    No, just a transcript in English and approval from the dean.

  • What are considered core clerkships?

    Lasting between four and eight weeks, at most schools, the core clinical clerkships consist of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, family medicine, psychiatry, neurology, and radiology.

  • Can an international medical graduate complete a virtual elective at UAB?

    No, even for virtual electives, you still must be a final year medical student and meet all IVMS Program eligibility requirements to attend.

  • Do you offer any scholarships or can the fees be reduced?

    No, we do not offer any scholarships and the fees are already established and cannot be reduced.

  • Is there an option to find my own housing?

    The fee Cost per 4-week non-credit elective is $5,150. This includes tuition, housing and transport to and from the airport (excludes travel to and from the U.S.). This cost is a package deal and we cannot remove the housing fees. You can choose to stay in other accommodations, but the fee cannot be reduced.

  • Is UAB IME Housing ON campus or OFF campus?

    The apartment complex is within walking distance to UAB’s campus, the UAB hospital, and Children’s of Alabama. IVMS students also have free access to UAB’s Blazer Express Bus transportation on campus and also the Safety Escort service provided by UAB Transportation.


Prematriculation Questions for Accepted Students

  • When will I receive pre-matriculation instructions?

    You will receive an email detailing how to establish your UAB email, request your student ID, complete HIPAA and medical record training, etc. about six (6) weeks before the start date of your rotation.

  • Can I arrive earlier than Sunday for my rotation?

    You can arrive earlier but will need to find your own accommodations since UAB housing is only provided from the Sunday prior to the rotation start date until the last Saturday of the rotation at 11 a.m. UAB IME will provide a transfer one time for arrival and one time for departure, so you can send us the full address of the hotel/accommodation and the requested pickup time on Sunday. The shuttle driver will have your keys to get into housing on Sunday since the office at UAB housing is closed on Sunday.

  • What hotels are recommended if arriving/departing outside of IVMS guidelines?
  • Can anyone else stay with me in UAB Housing during my rotation?

    No, ONLY IVMS students are allowed to stay in the UAB housing provided by IME – no parents, siblings, relatives, or friends are allowed to stay the night with you during your IVMS rotation.

  • Is UAB IME Housing ON campus or OFF campus?

    The apartment complex is within walking distance to UAB’s campus, the UAB hospital, and Children’s of Alabama. IVMS students also have free access to UAB’s Blazer Express Bus transportation on campus and also the Safety Escort service provided by UAB Transportation.

  • What immunizations/medical clearance is required?
    • MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella: All students must satisfy this requirement, either by two vaccine doses against each of the three diseases or laboratory evidence of immunity to all three diseases.)
    • TDAP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Acellular Pertussis: All students must have had one dose of the adult Tdap given 2006 or later. If the last adult Tdap is greater than 10 years old, a Td booster is required.)
    • Hep B Series (All students must have a series of three Hepatitis B vaccinations (initial dose, dose two at 1 month, dose three at 6 months). A post-vaccine surface antibody titer (to demonstrate immunity) is required one month after 3rd vaccine dose.)
    • Varicella (chickenpox or shingles): All students must have documented history of Varicella, a positive Varicella antibody titer, or two doses of Varicella vaccines given at least 28 days apart.
    • Meningococcal: All students 21 and younger are required to show documentation of a meningitis vaccine given on/after their 16th birthday. Students age 22 and older are exempt.
    • Tuberculosis: All clinical students must meet UAB’s Tuberculosis screening requirement. **International Visiting Medical Students will complete a chest x-ray during the International Medical Education (IME) Orientation to fulfill requirement. Do NOT get TB testing in your home country.
    • Flu Vaccine: Required for all clinical students yearly from Oct 1 - Mar 31.
    • Physical Examination: A physical examination is required for all clinical students within 1 year prior to matriculation.
  • What if I already completed HIPAA training at a different institution?

    All IVMS students still have to complete training through UAB prior to starting their rotation. You will not gain access to IMPACT training until you have completed the UAB HIPAA training at this link: https://www.uab.edu/compliance/education-and-training/hipaa-training-for-students

  • What is the dress code for my elective? Are scrubs required?

    It depends on each elective. Please check with the course coordinator for specific requirements.

    Ordering Scrubs: Scrubs can be ordered directly from UAB Hospital. To order, visit https://www.suitestyles.com/  and use username: uab and password: scrubs1. Click on med students, make your selections, and proceed to checkout. Have them mailed to VH-L108C 1670 University Blvd. Birmingham, AL 35294 include your name and email internationalmd@uab.edu so we know that you ordered them.

  • Will a travel insurance policy work for the health insurance requirement?

    No, UAB Student Health requires that IVMS students have major medical health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions, unlimited coverage per illness or injury (only exception is if maximum amount of policy is $1,000,000 Million USD), Repatriation of at least $25,000 USD, Medical Evacuation of at least $50,000. 

  • Can I purchase a short white lab coat at UAB?

    Yes, you can purchase a short white lab coat during orientation at the UAB Bookstore, 1400 University Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35233. Another option near UAB to purchase your coat is Lejoy/Read’s Uniforms, 608 23rd St S, Birmingham, AL 35233.


Training Questions for Accepted Students