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On average, it takes at least 10 years for a scientific discovery to become an approved therapy, says Ray L. Watts, M.D., senior vice president and dean of the School of Medicine. It’s a timeframe that frustrates physicians, researchers, and patients alike.

Today UAB is pressing the fast-forward button with AMC21: Reaching for Excellence, a strategic roadmap designed to generate biomedical breakthroughs and translate them into new solutions for patients. Reflecting the school’s mission for research, clinical care, education, and primary care, the initiative aims to build UAB into the preferred academic medical center for the 21st century (AMC21) and transform health care in Alabama.

Take a closer look at the key elements of the four strategic plans—and discover their potential to change lives and communities for the better across the state and around the world.


Research: Investing in Discovery

Breakthrough ideas and investigators make UAB—and Alabama—more competitive.

Strong Points: UAB's Research Pillars

Learn about the plan's six priority areas and cross-cutting platforms.

Clinical Care: Enhancing the Patient Experience

New innovations help create more accessible, more efficient care.

Primary Care: Meeting Needs with New Opportunities

UAB forges new connections across Alabama to address the growing demand for physicians.

Education: Training for Tomorrow's Challenges

Leveraging learning with a focus on innovative courses and scholarship support.

What's Next

How you can help strategic planning become strategic progress.

Additional Features

Alumni Profile

Stancel Riley Jr., M.D.

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