The UAB Microbiome Center solicits pilot project research proposals that investigate microbe interactions with each other and the host, and/or how the microbiome impacts health and disease. Pilot projects will generate preliminary data that can be used in competitive grant applications to the NIH, NSF, or other extramural funding agencies. This opportunity is open to any faculty member at UAB.

The pilot program will fund three 1-year awards, at least one going to a junior faculty member, each for $20,000 in project-related direct costs including appropriate staff salary support and supplies. An additional $5,000 is available for expenses related to the use of Center supported cores including the UAB Microbiome Institutional Research Core, UAB Microbiota Culture Core, and Laser Microdissection Core. 

A panel of research experts will evaluate submitted proposals based upon relevance to microbiome-related research, significance, innovation, feasibility of the scope of work proposed, and potential for subsequent extramural funding. 


Current Awardees 


  • Anoma Nellore, MD

    Associate Professor
    Division of Infectious Diseases
    Influenza induced airway dysbiosis programs allo-active inflammatory alveolar macrophages
  • Selene Meza-Perez, PhD

    Instructor, Troy Randall Laboratory
    Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology
    Impact of gut microbiota in the metabolic regulation of anti-tumor responses in the adipose tissue
  • J. Stewart New, Ph.D

    Instructor, Kearney Laboratory
    Department of Microbiology
    The effects of host: Microbiota interactions on development and function of the B cell repertoire
  • Sadanandan E. Velu, PhD

    Department of Chemistry
    The impact of novel inhibitors of cariogenic biofilms on the oral microbiome using an experimental rat model

Past Awardees