Specific Services:

MMIC services include providing access to experienced users as well as training opportunities to researchers that are not familiar with the use of the Biacore technology and require our assistance with experimental design and data analyses.  For trained users, the facility allows independent use of the Biacore T200.  In addition, we offer various levels of assisted use for users that are not formally trained.


Please review the calendar for MMIC availability, then complete and submit the Service Request Form.   A member of the Core staff will contact you upon receipt of your request to further discuss experimental design and to finalize scheduled use of the instrument.

Please note: Successful interaction analysis depends on careful planning, discussion of the strategy, meticulous understanding of the biomolecules of interest and careful communication with the Core manager. 


GE offers training courses for Biacore use and details can be obtained at: www.biacore.com.  Only after being trained and certified by GE can users independently use the MMIC Biacore T200.

MMIC User Fees:

MMIC User Fees