Funding agencies, including the NIH, have expectations about RCR training for students involved in research. Medical students engaged in any research activities at UAB will be required to complete the RCR training and Workshop/Classes plan described below. The proposed plan is a blended approach that combines on-line instruction and in-person training components. 

  • To receive certification of RCR compliance, each student must complete the training process outlined below.

    RCR Online Training

    The student must complete these six (6) required (*) modules:
      1. Authorship*
      2. Plagiarism*
      3. Research misconduct*
      4. Data management*
      5. Mentoring*
      6. Conflict of interest*
      *You must score 80% or better on each module for successful completion.

    After completion of the required online modules, email a copy of the RCR transcript to

    *RCR training completed for summer research is good for 4 years and satisfies the RCR requirement needed for scholarly activity (medical students 3rd year)

    How to Access Online Training:

      • Go to
      • Click on Log in through my institution
      • Select University of Alabama, Birmingham
      • This takes you to the Blazer ID sign in page (enter UAB blazer ID and password)
      • Select the option for “I don’t have an account and need to create one” (if it appears) and/or
      • Click on 'add a course'. Choose 'RCR Abbreviated Course for Undergraduate Students'
      • Complete required modules and email a copy of the RCR transcript to
      You must score 80% or better on each module for successful completion

    CCTS In-Person Training

  • Successful completion of each training component is documented via on-line training, workshop/classes and meeting attendance.