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Participating 2024 Medical Student Summer Research Programs (MSSRPs) are listed below, for additional program information click on the link(s) provided.  

  • MSSRP Lunchtime Lecture will be held in person from Noon to 1PM starting in October 2023 - Program directors will present details about their respective 2024 summer programs.  

Apply for these programs using a 'Single Application'* 

Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine* offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of clinical and research learning activities.

Department of Surgery Summer Research Program/STREAMS (NIH T35 Funded)* offers basic science, translational, outcomes and education research opportunities for medical students in numerous sub-specialties of surgery. You can find more information at the Department of Surgery. Potential Mentors and Projects for Surgery summer research.

Diabetes Research Center Summer Research Fellowship*  awards up to 6 students approximately $3,600 for the minimum 8 weeks of active research; however, for each additional week the student will receive another $450 to a maximum of 12 weeks, over a period of time between June and August each year. The training period will include: a full time summer hands-on research laboratory experience and a seminar program. In addition, together with the chosen mentor, each student will be expected to prepare and submit an abstract of their work and subsequently present a poster and/or oral presentation for the UAB Dale J. Benos Medical Student Research Day. Additional resources can be found at the Diabetes website.

Functional Neurorehabilitation Research* opportunities accelerates the flow from basic scientific discoveries to clinical practice while, at the same time, provides hands-on training for the next generation of researchers at the undergraduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral levels. Additional Program Information 

Koopman Medical Student Research Excellence Award (Medicine)* will be given annually to three outstanding medical students in the Department of Medicine (DOM). Medical students with an interest in medical or health-related research are encouraged to apply for this eight-week summer internship program with a research mentor who has a primary or secondary appointment in the Department of Medicine. Awardees will be provided with a $1,500 travel allowance and $500 to the mentor lab in addition to the stipend of $4,000 over the course of the 8 week summer training. The project will be conducted during the summer between the MS1 and MS2 years. You can find more information at the Koopman website.

O’Brien Center for Research in Kidney-Related Diseases Fellowship* of the UAB-UCSD O'Brien Center are intended to: catalyze collaborative interactions among Center members; enhance the conceptual, technical and methodological expertise of UAB-UCSD investigators; foster the development of new, innovative projects that emphasize potential translation to clinical studies; and facilitate the training of the next generation of investigators interested in kidney-related research. Additional information available at the O'Brien website.

The UAB Precision Medicine Institute SUmmer in PREcision MEdicine (SUPREME) program, funded by the UAHSF General Endowment Fund, is an immersive 8-week experience for three first-year medical students designed to provide training through participation in PMI’s established case-studies process focused on therapeutic discovery for patients with rare genetic disorders. Our program provides exposure and training in how traditional clinical genetic practices can be combined with bioinformatics, preclinical studies using patient-specific animal models, and artificial intelligence tools to enhance patient care. Trainees will be assigned their own PMI cases to develop hypotheses about the pathophysiological disease mechanism and propose therapeutic strategies to be shared with the patient’s physician. Trainees will receive a $4,000 stipend, as well as support for travel. Contact Aleksandra Foksinska (afoksin@uab.edu) with any questions.

Short Term Training in Health Professional Schools * is a (NIH T35) (SRTP) funded 8-week program that provides a stipend and hands-on opportunities for UAB MS1 medical students who are interested in biomedical research to get experience in a research laboratory or become involved in a clinical/translational research project. Your selection of a faculty mentor is not limited; however, for funding from the T35 mechanism you will have a much better chance of being funded if you choose faculty from https://scholars.uab.edu/. SRTP can only fund one student/mentor per laboratory/summer. 

Russell Cunningham Memorial Research Program (Pediatrics)* is designed to introduce students to pediatrics and pediatric research. It provides two selected students with an 8-week fellowship that includes an opportunity to attend a variety of Pediatric Clinics and/or hospital rounds and conferences. Contact Dr. Cassi Smola for questions. Application Program Information