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  • Research involving human study includes the collection of data about or from human subjects and the use of existing data or specimens. Per the office of UAB Institutional Review Board for Human Use (IRB) approval is required for all research involving human subjects and must be reviewed and approved by the UAB IRB before the research begins. This requirement applies to all human subject research conducted by faculty, staff, and students, on- and off-campus, regardless of funding. IRB Website

  • Research involving animal use for research, teaching and testing conducted at or by UAB requires IACUC approval. IACUC Website

  • If your research involves working with humans or animals, you are required to enroll if you have these work exposures:

    • Have direct contact with animals, their viable tissues, body fluids, wastes or living quarters. This includes, but is not limited to, Animal Care Staff, Investigators, laboratory staff, and some Maintenance and Environmental Services personnel.
    • Work in the laboratory or have direct contact with material of human origin.
    • Have direct contact with material capable of causing disease or injury in humans.
    • Have direct contact with raw sewage through plumbing activities.
    • Are exposed to excessive levels of noise (>85 db).
    Check with your mentor to see whether you must submit the Occupational Medicine Enrollment Form to UAB’s Environmental Health and Safety department (EH&S). OH&S Website