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Why do research as a Neurology resident?

  • Contribute to innovating treatments and patient care. 
  • Authorship on publications
  • Funding for travel to conferences
  • Research award presented at annual resident graduation dinner which includes money and certificate you can proudly hang on office wall

What is Neurology Resident Research? Could include:

  • Chart reviews and data analyses 
  • Computational analyses
  • Examining relationship of biomarkers to clinical phenotypes
  • Lab research in biochemistry, cellular, animal models or human tissue

When would I do research? Research can be performed PGY2-PGY4

  • Will have five 4 week blocks of time for electives:
    • PGY2 – 1 block
      PGY3 – 2 blocks
      PGY4 – 2 blocks
  • Can create a schedule for 3-6 blocks for dedicated 80% time for research and 20% time clinical duties (two half-day per week continuity clinics)

How can I start doing research?

  • Contact Laura Volpicelli-Daley, PhD, Department of Neurology volpicel@uab.edu
  • Examine list of potential mentors in the table below within each Neurology division below and think of the type of research you might want to do.  Dr. Volpicelli-Daley will help you contact mentors

Mentor List 

 Topic Faculty Mentor Department  Research Focus  Type of Research 
Adam Gerstenecker Neurology Hippocampal subfield atrophy, systemic inflammation, and cognition in multiple sclerosis and how exercise can improve these phenotypes Clinical/data analyses
  David Geldmacher and Marissa Natelson Love Neurology Chart reviews of clinical and/or neuropathologic reports for pakinsonism and dementia patients and help with differential diagnosis  Clinical/data analyses
  Erik Roberson Neurology Clinical research in Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders through the ADRC Biomarkers, data analyses
  Laura Volpicelli-Daley Neurology Pathology related to Dementia with Lewy Bodies Bench science
Benjamin Cox Neurology Predictors of epilepsy surgery outcomes Clinical/data analyses
  Rachel Smith Engineering Correlating computational EEG features to clinical characteristics to improve outcomes of treatment Clinical/data analyses
  Jane Allendorfer Neurology  Impact of social determinants of health on metabolic and heart health status in epilepsy Clinical/data analyses
  Erin Ahn Pathology Gene expression data and neurologic features associated with human ZTTK syndrome which causes brain abnormalities and seizures Clinical/data analyses
Marissa Dean Neurology Huntington's and Parkinson's disease Clinical/data analyses
  Victor Sung Neurology Huntington's Clinical/data analyses
  Harrison Walker Neurology Deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease Clinical/data analyses/computational
  Talene Yacoubian and David Standaert Neurology Biomarkers and cognition in Parkinson's disease Clinical/data analyses
John Rinker Neurology Multiple Sclerosis, research on Medical Education Case reports, chart reviews
Peter King Neurology Investigating novel drug that is neuroprotective in stroke, spinal cord injury, pain, epilepsy, Parkinson's, ALS. Biomarkers in ALS. Clinical and bench science
  Mohamed Kazamel Neurology Porphyrias as autonomic neuropathies and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis biomarkers Clinical/data analyses
  Ken Nozaki Neurology Clinical/electrophysiologica/pathological correlation with hisopathology in neuromusclar disorders Clinical/data analyses
  Rocio Vazquez Do Campo Neurology Clinical/electrophysiological/pathological correlation with hisopathology in neuromusclar disorders Clinical/data analyses
Shu Chen Pathology Chart reviews of clinical and/or neuropathologic reports for pakinsonism and dementia patients and help with differential diagnosis . Clinical/bench science
Sorryanarayana Varambally Pathology Cancer Bioinformatics Data analyses
  Stan Han Neurology Modeling IDH1 mutated in gliomas using IPSC cells Clinical, Bench science
  Burt Nabors Neurology Discovering therapeutic targets for newly diagnosed and recurrent gliomas Clinical, bench science
Chen Lin Neurology Stroke, stroke recovery, neuromodulation and exercise, mental health after stroke, vascular dementia Clinical/data analyses
  Ekaterina Bakradze Neurology Stroke and patent foramen ovale, relationship between stroke and atrial fibrillation Clinical/data analyses
  Toby Gropen Neurology Working with EMS early recognition of large vessel occlusion to improve acute stroke treatment Clinical/data analyses
  Ronald Lazar, Ph.D. Neurology Aging and vascular disease, with emphases on reversible causes of cognitive decline, risk-factor modification to promote brain health, and recovery after stroke Clinical/data analyses
  Angela Hays Shapshak Neurology Hemorrhagic stroke subtypes, statins in stroke with AFIB, analyzing data from stroke simulation course, coma and EEG monitoring Clinical/data analyses